Dividing Lines creates new branches!

I’ve attached gh file, and highlighted problem area.

I have centre points (54 branches), and lines from hexagon control points to centre at Z=0 (54 branches). I want to divide these lines into segments, and manipulate the points using each individual centre point (scaling at the end for example).

Problem is that dividing these lines that are list items in 54 branches results in 2700 branches! I cant manipulate points that are in 2700 branches with a centre point based on a data tree of 54 branches. Each should correspond to the centre point.

I’ve tried grafting/flattening inputs and outputs, but cant understand why it creates all these 2700 new branches and how I can keep the divided lines and resulting points in the same 54 branches structure.

210314_Elytra_Filament_Pavilion.gh (19.2 KB)


Welcome @mmpixel20a,

Thank you - beginner user here. I’ll try to wrap my head around this one.

You’re welcome.

PShift (Shift Path) by default shifts tree branches a level up or down, depending on how you look at it, if that makes sense. It does the opposite of Graft. Here’s an example: