Dividing a surface by spacing between points rather than U and V count

Hi there! I would like to populate a surface with shrubs for a landscape architecture project and I thought I’d use grasshopper to do so. I used the Divide Surface component and then set the output as a shrub block I had previously made in rhino.

The thing is, the shrubs need to be placed at exactly 2 meters apart, center to center. I would like to divide the surface in a 2m x 2m grid rather than putting in a specific U and V count and having to guestimate the distance between the points.

This is probably a very simple query, but I’m a complete novice at grasshopper and my google searches have been unfruitful!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sharing your GH is the best way to get lucky on this forum.

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Create a Square grid then Pull Point the points on the surface … could be a way.