Dividing a Curve with Points(Dashpattern like command?)

Hi there,

I have a set of curves(green ones), and points along those curves that I would like to divide them with. What I would like to do is similar to what dashpattern does, I would be able to use divided curve pieces, but it doesn’t work because I believe it is starting to split the curve with a set of dimensions, starting from the beginning of the curve, so the divided pieces don’t align with the perpendicular curves(red ones), that’s the important part.

These curves and points are coming from a more complex file, so I’ve saved the necessary parts only to make your lives easier. Also, as you can tell, instead of using the points, the perpendicular curves can be used to divide the green curves as well.

Test.gh (34.8 KB)

My apologies, just realized that forgot to internalize the data, here is the updated script.Test w Data.gh (117.6 KB)

Like this?

Test w Data_re.gh (123.6 KB)

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Exactly, I knew there was a way of doing this easily! I was just trying to extrude curves and trim with planes, which is a lot of extra steps.

Thank you very much!

Also, just realized that you’ve used something called “shatter”, I had no idea a component like that existed before, now I do :slight_smile:

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