Divide curve

Often i divide a curf by equal lenghts. But what I want is to divde equal from mid of the curf to the outside. Is there a way in Rhino or is there a sugestion box for this.

well just make the entire length and delete half. or if you need that often you could make a macro involving Subcrv and Divide. might make sense to have that as an option in divide.

try _SubCrv _MultiPause _Enter _Sellast _Divide _Pause and make an alias with it.

or _SubCrv _MultiPause _Enter _Sellast _Divide _E _Pause with equal length.

you could also imply the copy option but it acts as a toggle not sure how to fix this, but once set it stays on copy so you can do it during the macro once if needed.

Well I am new with Rhino so writing macro’s is not something I can or even knew of that it can

Well I tried and it works great thanks. Can I place this under a button

yes you can make a button, but i never did that myself so i would have to find out myself first if you are not faster :slight_smile:

Found it out in 1 minute :slight_smile: Right click on tab and create new bottun

SubCrv is nestable and works within Divide as well -

! _Divide _SubCrv