Display Unique Text to Specified Data Points

Hi All,

I am a beginner here so apologies if this is an easy fix, but not sure of the right places to look!

I have a simple problem. I will import data points into rhino as dwg, and I then want to display a unique bit of text that I provide (i.e. “Beam#99,Node1000” & “Beam#100,Node#500”) to each data point.

I see how this could be done manually with a tag for each data point (S1 and S2 in screenshot), however I have a large number of points and tags required (example sc is simplified version).

I would ideally like to do this in one go, in such as way that if I need to delete some points in the future the tags shown for each specific data point do not change.

My first thought was to use a list with the unique text I want to display for each data point, with one entry per row for each data point, and use the XYZ coordinates in the list (see S3) to search the data points somehow and identify the common coords. and then to show the corresponding tag? Although I am not too sure how to search and disseminate the data in this way.

Any suggestions on a smart way to do this would be great!