Display panel locked on wireframe and problem display artic (update, resolved by canceling the Artic mode from the Rhino 5 settings)

Arctic mode just shows a wireframe model to me, it does change the gridlines to white though. Also when changing display modes the r/h side panel does not match up with the display mode selected from the view dropdown menu.

Same thing here with the latest version WIP (6.12.18317.12076, 2018-11-13)


Hello - so far I am not able to repeat this here- it may just be fixed. Can you try the next WIP and let us know?



Of course


Updated to the latest WIP. The problem of visualization of Artic and display models remain.


Is this the same problem as reported here?

Hi Dan.
I would say yes. However, it is important to note that until the third-last WIP, Artic worked perfectly.


Hi Simon - does the problem go away, even temporarily, if you do as John said in that thread and reset preferences: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/mac/resetprefs


I see. But I have very personalized preferences and I do not want to risk losing them or having to redo from scratch. I will wait for a definitive fix.
thank you @pascal @dan


Changing the display mode in the right-hand sidebar should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try.

Good news. The display mode changes to the right-hand sidebar. Now the “artic” visualization mode also works.


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Hi Dan.
With the latest WIP version, the Artic visualization has stopped working for me.


Hey @Zsimon-

It’s working fine over here. Has your SystemInfo changed since that posted above?

Hello Dan. Everything has remained as before, no change.
WIP build 6.13.19002.12026 the problem persists.

Arctic display mode not working in latest WIP (was working for me in previous)

Artic works on my system running 6.13.19002.12026.Which version are you running?
Also, please post your SystemInfo here.

Hello Wim
My SystemInfo is at the top of the page.


Hi simon, yes, you included all necessary information - thanks for that.
I was asking Miles to do the same so that perhaps we can see a pattern of systems where this doesn’t work.


SystemInfo Milezee.txt (2.9 KB)