Display Order not working on solids

Rhino 5 now has the feature setting display order. But it’s just possible to do that on curve objects. Solids seems not to be supported. Any reason why or do I make a mistake working on it?

Regards, MillingGuy


is anybody out there, who can confirm that display order is just working on curves. Perhabs someone also can tell, why not possible for solid and/or have a way how to do so?

Thanks, MillingGuy

Well, display order is mostly designed for sets of planar curves that lie in the same plane and where you might find one on top of the other and have a preference for which is considered to be “in front”.

Solids, on the other hand, are 3 dimensional objects and are normally displayed by their actual position in space relative to each other…


sounds logical at your point of view with 3D visualization and there positions.

But for printing or viewing in 2D views (Top, Front, Right, …) it would also be helpful having the possibility to reorder solids getting out some details.

Bye, MillingGuy

If you have a sample where you are trying to solve this problem, I would sure like to see it. I would love to see a sample to help me better understand.

I am starting to use layouts & create drawings in 2d. I will vouch that it is a requirement for objects to have a display order. Attached is a file showing a problem: A concrete pier (solid object) has a hatch on the top (as I cannot hatch objects themselves). The hatch is underneath some wood beams. Yet in the top display (layout 1.2) the hatch is showing on top of everything, incorrectly. I sent the hatch to the back, where it then was hidden behind the concrete pier in the layout (ok, but not what I want). Then, even by moving one click forward in the display mode (not “to front”, just “forward”) the hatch again jumped in front of the concrete pier and the wood beams. This is a problem that needs solving.


error_object-hatch-displayorder2.3dm (94.2 KB)

To add to the wishlist: Once objects can be included in the display order (so 2d lines can be shown above or below them), it would be nice that in the Display Order commands (move forward, send backwards) there would be a 2nd argument/option for selecting an object to place the subject in front of or behind.

For example, if I’m trying to move a hatch in front of one particular object, but leave that hatch behind another object on the same plane, if there are 1,000 objects in the scene, clicking one-at-a-time the move forward or send behind command will be a time sore.