Display of one surface in polysurface transparent

I have this polysurface which has one transparent surface. If I explode it, delete the transparent surface, join everything and try to cap it, the transparent surface pops up again. I think it happened after using the DeleteHole command.
What causes this? Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to fix this without having to redraw the part?

171003 See through surface.3dm (210.4 KB)

My guess is the surface went “bad”. Try exploding and run SelBadObject command. Usually you can duplicate border and re-create the planar surface from the outlines into a “good” surface. Happens to me often with MergeAllFaces command, mainly to planar parts of polysurfaces.



DupBorder - CurveBoolean - PlanarSrf - Join worked,
anything else or less failed joining back to a transparent.

you can also change to custom mesh it worked here at least but thats not recommendable
because there is something kinky going on no idea what causes it.

when you duplicate the boarder and switch on points you get partially higher degree CPs.
but when you explode it they disappear coming back when you join it again :smiley:

Hi siemen - I ended up exploding and joining the preimeter surfaces one by one and then Cap…I’m not sure what is causing the problem - checking V6…
Ah - set the edges that make that transparent surface to be the same X you can subobjectSelect them in Front, and SetPt in X to smack them all to the same plane - there must be a slight out-of-plane ness to those edges.


I run the MergeAllFaces command quite often and am pretty sure I did it on this one as well. Thanks for the info.

Interesting, thanks for looking into this pascal.

Thanks for the fix! What do you mean with the change to custom mesh?

i mean the display mesh, if you set it to a higher resolution it mostly compensates such kinky display problems. but since this behaviour occurs usually then when you have a real problem already, also as pascal has pointed out now on your issue, you rather forget about this method in general.