Display - no curve highlighting

I realize that the display architecture / engine is undergoing a significant overhaul but perhaps we should report issues anyway?

In the latest WIP, there is no curve highlighting as feedback for the Diameter command. The cursor gets feedback with the diameter in document units but you cannot see which diameter is ‘active’.

When the view is rotated [RMB], the curve is highlighted.

I guess this applies to several things.
I also notice, for example, that LMB drag to select objects doesn’t show a dashed rectangle anymore.

Trying to get something done, I copied some geometry into RH5 only to find out that things are rather wacky there now as well. Surfaces disappear until the view is rotated. Others miss isocurves or edges until the view is rotated, …

I didn’t have that happening prior to installing the latest WIP and as such I guess this one changed something on my system. I couldn’t find any pointers in the change log (*) but I hope to get some tips on how to get back to a working RH5 environment.

(*) a check between the new change log and the 2015-10-13 one shows that RH-26640 is new for this version. From YT I am tempted to believe this was fixed in June 2014 - so why does this surface now?

FWIW, Thanks guys, this now appears to be fixed in the latest Serengeti. I had also lost feedback when drawing e.g. a rectangle but all feedback is now back!

@jeff, @stevebaer