Display glitches - viewport partial freeze

Several users at my firm are reporting strange graphic glitches - when they pan or orbit, only a small portion of the window refreshes, and then once they release the whole thing redraws. See attached images. They are running dell hardware with up-to-date graphics drivers and nothing too unusual in the Rhino display settings.

first image shows the glitch, second shows correct display.

any pointers?

Hi Andrew - are you all running the latest service release of Rhino, at least SR12 ? (Help>About Rhinoceros). It seems to me I recall something like this from over a year ago, maybe with AMD/ATI cards. What video cards are showing the problem? Recent drivers?


here’s the user’s info:

so latest SR, and recent drivers on NVIDIA Quadro cards.

any thoughts @pascal or others?

Hi Andrew - no very good ideas, here at least.

One thing to try is to uncheck that top checkbox on the OpenGL page and see if that makes a difference. You’ll want that checked as a rule of course, but it might be a clue if the behavior changes without the acceleration.

I see a variety of plug-ins arte loaded, I would not suspect these first for this problem but it might be worth disabling these (Tsplines, GH, etc) and see if that makes any deifference.