Display edge index of selected edges

I have a brep with a LOT of holes cut into it.

I am doing fillet edge in grasshopper and I need to know edge indexes.

I put my brep into an Edges node and put the interior edge list into an Item node and used a slider with a very big range to select the index. I found the edges I need, their indexes are: 150,153,156.

So I can do it but its such a palaver.

I tried testbreplabel but the edge indexes I need are lost in a soup of other edge labels. I know what I’m looking for and roughly where they should be but can’t see them after ten minutes of looking.

Is there a similar command that lets me select edges in the view and tells me their indexes?

If not then I’d like one. It would be nice if it had a chain edges feature and could copy the edge indexes to the clipboard in formats that grasshopper would understand. newline separated integers would be good for inputting into panels and the like.

I’ve had a look in grasshopper, had a look in the rhino menus: Analyze, Surface, Curve menus but nothing stood out.

Hello - here is a quick python script that might help -

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino

def test():
    rc, oRefs = Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetMultipleObjects("Select some edges", False, filter = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.EdgeFilter)
    if  rc != Rhino.Commands.Result.Success: return
    for oRef in oRefs:
        crv = oRef.Geometry().EdgeCurve
        rs.AddTextDot( oRef.Geometry().EdgeIndex, crv.PointAt(crv.Domain.Mid))



Thanks Pascal, that came in handy :slight_smile:

Hey Pascal, is the a similar way to show the Brep Edge Index in Grasshopper?

Hi David - something like this may work-

LabelBrepEdges.gh (8.5 KB)


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That’s quite simple.
Thanks a lot.
i adjusted your file a bit.
LabelBrepEdges.gh (5.1 KB)