Can Rhino provide Edge index on Face on UI

Sometimes command will failed on specific Edge.
If Rhino can provide Edge index on UI, than I can precisely return problem to other engineer.

Hello - testBrepLabel will probably help, but please post or send me an example if Rhino commands are failing.
(test commands must be typed in full, they do not autocomplete)



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Thanks, Pascal
It`s helpful.

Hi Pascal,

I use -testBrepLabel to a box, but nothing is happened.
After explode and join,the box can be show element index by -testBrepLabel.

By the way, I want to ask another question.
I use -testBrepLabel to know specific Edge index, and I want to select specific Edge by Edge index.
(Select Edge to input other testing command.)
Do you know any command fit requirement?

The box is an extrusion, therefore testBrepLabel does not work. Instead of explode+join, you could also use ConvertExtrusion with DeleteInput=Yes to make it into a Boundary REPresentation (BREP).

There’s no command in plain Rhino that allows you to use an edge as input by specifying an edge index… can you describe in a little more detail what you need to accomplish?