Outputting as cmyk and also eps from V5...how?


I will shortly be using Rhino V5 to create artwork that once upon a time would have been done in Macromedia Freehand. There I could give colour fills to closed shapes and lines as cmyk or rgb. Armed with printers colour charts showing what cmyk values looked like when printed the normal choice was cmyk.

Q1. As Rhino V5 now does for the vector drawing, (though the curve tool was superior by far for the purposes it was put to with vital ability to revisit the original click points), I am missing just the cmyk output. How can I give cmyk to output from Rhino (output as tiff or jpg)

Q2. I was also in Freehand able to drag drop a different cmyk colour onto a colour in use for the objects in the colour panel and all instances of that would take on the new colour. How can I do that in Rhino ? (be it RGB or cmyk ?) I am aware that altering a layers colour sees objects for that layer update to that colour, I also know now of how to standardise colour between layers, so that should work, but what about cmyk ?

Lines I could give a mm thickness to, I see we can give print width in mm to lines so thats ok. However I gave 0.35mm to a 10mm rad circle and exported as ai, preserve model scale ticked, I also see a cmyk tickbox though how it can do that when we have no way of entering cmyk values is puzzling !.. opened it in pshop and it was not .35mm, I had a 50.87cm circle and an image 72dpi and a 1 px thickness circle. altering to 2cm it became 1831.34dpi. with a 1px line, certainly not even 0.1mm.

Q3. I was able to export as eps then open that file into Photoshop at whatever size I wished, the eps (encapsulated postscript file) is the tool of choice for such tasks, being the common language between vector and raster progs in the world for such needs. It opens with its lines etc on a transparent layer which is crucial for the tasks to be performed. I need to get V5 work into Photoshop in the same manner. However I dont see eps in the export options !!! Why no eps ? What can I use which will be admissable to Pshop and accurate ?


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have you tried Rhino Layouts?

regarding eps export:
Rhino export/save-as in Illustrator format is the vector (or eps) format.
Illustrator is a vector program, Photoshop is a raster program.You are opening your illustrator/eps/vector file in photoshop, selecting a random resolution, and expecting photoshop raster conversion to preserve scale (this is not going to work). If you want to preserve scale (effortlessly), then use a vector program (like illustrator, coreldraw, freehand, etc.)

And if you are using this process (instead of using layouts), then all the CMYmonKeying and line-type-management is better done in the vector program.