Display Color Black in shaded mode


I am trying to create surfaces that would be displayed as pure black in shaded mode. I know that a black material in rendered mode looks pure black but display color does not do the same effect in shaded mode, it always looks like grey. I know that it makes sense for modelling but can I override this and make it look like rendered? I found a workaround, I am creating a black image in photoshop and then I am loading that image as pictureframe but it is really not efficient once I have a lot of small pictureframes. Is there an other option?

I notice no replies to your post.

Did you ever get a resolution to your problem?

No? I just posted it?

You can sort of fool it. Change the RGB of the Layer color from 0,0,0 to 1,0,0.

Hi Omer- try assigning the very darkest gray- hsv = 0,0,1.


This is possible if you assign a black image to the texture slot of the custom material used in the display mode. Here’s a variation on the Shaded mode.
Shaded_Black.ini (12.2 KB)
and the texture in case it isn’t embedded in the ini file… pretty sure it isn’t.

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Thank you very much for all the help. It was quick! I tried both from hsb and rgb coloring to make it 0,1,0 or 1,1,1 somehow it was still grey, I will try the black texture now.

Thanks again.

Ok I solved it with both making the shading color in rgb 1,1,1 and editing the custom material so be not glossy and reflective. Thanks again

Oh. Silly me. I read the time wrong. :blush: