Display boxes showing "end near point cen int . . .etc" in lower left corner went away!


Suffering a senior brain cramp here. I inadvertently clicked something and the little boxes with the object snap options located in the lower left of the screen went away. I’m not able to get them back – I tried resetting the default toolbars but that just seem to make things worse.

Please give the simple set of commands to get it back!

Best hopes,

Hilary Smith
Pacific Northwest

That is “osnap”.
You can make that small toolbar reappear by clicking on the osnap button on the bottom or by using the command:

Thanks. I tried that. No joy.


Crisis over. Many thanks to Riccardo for his suggestion. \When I did the ShowOsnap command, the response was that it was visible. I started double clicking around in the lower left corner of the screen trying to find it and the floating object snap toolbar appeared. Then I was able to dock it. Whew!

Very grateful,