Dispatch planar curves from a list

I have got a list within almost 100 curves,most of which are line-like curves,but there are 5 or more planar curves in that list,how to dispatch them to a new list so I can edit them later?

like this?
similarity.gh (10.1 KB)


Oh that is so amazing! Thank you so much! By the way,does**x<>“Planar Curve”**come from certain computer language? Is there any way for me to learn?


it’s safer to check geometrically if a curve is planar using the Planar component.

DispatchPlanar.gh (9.9 KB)



Nice way to write Contains in a function, though it does not seem to work like that if you type it in a expression it changes to a not equal to symbol ≠ . Though note with the syntax you have used it must be the full text in the panel. I know this was not what the OP asked for but its good to know it does not work exactly the same as Contains (x, " Text") function.

Not that it makes much difference as both are in brackets but you will see you can also use Or if you looking for more than one text.


I think you misanderstood something.
‘planar curve’ is a not linear planar curve. it’s synonymous with planar curves but not the same. he didn’t want to extract the curves that were planar. he just wanted to separate them by type.

Hi Aris, Ok. I was just concerned that a string description of a geometric property is used to distinguish between different objects… :slight_smile:

The wording used is still confusing for me sometimes, eg. for me a polyline is a polyline, and not a curve regardless of beeing linear or planar. How can something curved be linear ? PolylineLike