Dispatch Arcs into Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Arcs

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a slicer for 3D Clay Printing which will include G2 and G3 movement. Currently, I am having a problem in defining and dispatching Clockwise and Counter Clockwise arc, and since my grasshopper knowledge is still limited, i am not able to resolve this by myself.

Any input or a solution will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

This might be a start:

Uploading an example file really helps with providing help/solutions. And welcome of course :slight_smile:

An alternative method can be to use vector cross product.
A = vector tangent at start of the arc
B = vector from start of the arc to its center
C = A x B
if Z component of C is positive it means is counterclockwise, if negative is clockwise.