IE has nuked my logo for forum how do I restore it?

Hi, having tried IE to upload a miniscule file, and succeeded, so Firefox first time ever is disallowing upload to Forum for some reason, … and logged into discourse, my logo has now been nuked. What are the exact steps to get it back as I cant find a way.

Forum via IE I wasnt able to post had to login in, entered my email address then password then it said Discourse requires to see my email, and personal details etc, I went no, then login was rejected so went allow, then my avatar changed.
Thats not on !!! :frowning:
is it likely to have lost anything else by the way ?


Click on your logo in the upper right corner then click preferences in the drop down you can then reload your logo.

I went into that prefs section but where in there can one alter the logo, I see the logo but its not clickable, I have really searched around and cant see anywhere to browse to my logo, why is it made so darn tricky to do this ?

Just where can I click and browse to my logo, which I have at least found, its a png file. Why did logging in nuke the address to it ?

what a damn nuisance, thank you Discourse site.

Also resetting Firefox to solve the upload problem has lost all my bookmarks for the forum.


@sam can you reproduce this ?

I do not see a way to change the profile icon here either, testing with FF 41.0.2.


Hi Clement,
not sure what you mean by reproduce this, its still not my icon. if i had got my icon back then logged in and it went back to this green thing then that would be reproducing it i guess.

are you saying also that its firefox doing this ?

what is the procedure when first joining forum for adding ones own icon ?
has that been removed by discourse McNeel now ?


Yes, i do not see a way to change a user icon here too. Might have to do with the browser version or something beeing blocked by the browser, not sure.


I have tried it with Chrome and can’t find a way of changing the profile picture.

As far as I know, if you have not yet logged out with the old log-in and logged back in with a McNeel account, you cannot change your profile picture - see this thread. For info about the new log-in see here.


Cheers Mitch,
Thats worked.