Problems with my Account

hi there, 2 curious things with my account.

  1. i seemed to have lost my regular status, why?
    i noticed just now as i wanted to recategorize a topic,
    also my batch has disappeared.

  2. i cant log out anymore, the log out has disappeared completely.

can anybody help?

Could it be somehow related to the fact that you changed your icon? (At least it seems new to me)

i dont think so… but i have indeed slightly adapted the color a couple of times but really subtle so i am curious why you say it looks new did you experience the color change or you mean an entire different avatar? it has been otherwise unchanged for a long time and i did not have issues like that before during my adaptions.


It would normally be to do with the number of threads you have read in the last 60 days (not enough) and possibly any moderated posts (too many).

Could that explain it?


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Regarding point number one:

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I can still see the logout button if I click on my name in the top right menu. On safari for iPhone

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Hmm. For some reason the whole icon looked unfamiliar, so your color change must have made a very big difference in it’s appearance. Or else I don’t know what I’m talking about. :roll_eyes:

ööhh… dunno i changed about 5 times just the color. but really so subtle that i had difficulties myself seeing the difference sometimes. the avatar in its main appearance is on display for pretty exact a half a year, so unless you were not somewhere in the Antarctic or up in Svalbard for a fresh and offline summer holiday you must have seen that :smiley:

Well, my bad. But has anyone helped you out with the real problem yet?

you could also use a new one :smiley: your initials always remind me of that shine-ease artist. Ai Wei Wei, probably just a personal coincidence or what does it mean? regarding my issues yes it indeed has been resolved by @AndersDeleuran and @Dancergraham thanks to everybody.