Discourse goes missing

(Pascal Golay) #1

Hi all - a few times in the past week the McNeel discourse forum has gone missing for perhaps a half hour at a time, from the Seattle office at least. Just an error message shows up- ‘Page Unavailable’ or something similar.



I was getting the same thing this morning, so I don’t think it is limited to Seattle office.

(Brian James) #3

I was getting the 503 error yesterday around 5pm EST as well. Everything was back within 10 mins. perhaps they were changing something with the discourse servers. @sam may know more.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Something like that was my first thought as well but after 3 in a week, I thought it might be worth asking about.



Sorry, this was our bad. :frowning:

We apologize, it’s up now – we’re still troubleshooting this, but the last one looks like a routing error so far.


We’ve halted all sales as of yesterday so we can make sure our infrastructure is in good shape:


I am very sorry for the outage and we’re also hiring another sysadmin full time, which I’ll post about today on our blog.

(Pascal Golay) #6

OK, great, at least we know… thanks for the update.