Loft With Guides

I am trying to port models made with Turbocad. These models make use of lofts with guidelines.

Rather than having multiple frames to guide the shape, there are usually shapes just at the start and end with guide lines to indicate the shape.

Is there anything like that in Rhino?

In addition to Loft try Sweep2 and Sweep1, also NetworkSrf.

Here is an example of one of my problems in pictures. I want to go between the red curves following the green curves. Sweep1 and Sweep2 don’t work because I need more than 2 curves to define the shape.

When I try NetworkSrf, I get the odd bowing on one side. Is there some way to get rid of that?

Since your red curves are kinked, Explode them and use Sweep2 with a pair of open green lines as rails and a pair of red curves as profiles. Join the 4 resulting open surfaces into an open polysurface.

Rhino does not have a Sweep(n) command.

Follow-on to John’s reply. NetworkSrf inherently smooths kinks, which is causing the “bowing out”.

I split each frame into four parts, as suggested. Now using Sweep2 I get bowing in the center, where there is no sweep guide.

The bowing is both vertical and horizontal so I cannot simply fill the gap with a box.

With NetworkSrf I get bowing around the corners as before.

Update: I have gotten it to work as 5 separate lofts, one for each curve segment, adding together, and capping. I have to believe there is a less tedious way.

Can you upload a file with the geometry in question?

Problem 2.3dm (51.5 KB)

Here it is.

In the attached, I joined the straight lines into one and simplified those. I then used EdgeSrf on all 4-curve boundaries to create the surfaces. Sweep2 or loft would also work.

Problem 2-wrmd.3dm (112.4 KB)