Disable camera roll

Is it possible to disable the camera roll that happens when you hold SHIFT+ALT and RIGHT_CLICK+DRAG? I do it all the time accidentally and it’s not something I ever have a need for.

Or, at the very least, is there a way to quickly reset the camera to straight?

Hi Warren,

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you can disable this feature but there are some quick ways to get the view back to what you want. Use the command Top, Front or Right to return to the respective ortho view or use the command Plan which will align the view to the active Cplane.

Along with resetting the view as Brian suggested, I have an alias with the following command macro:

-_RunScript ( Rhino.ViewCameraUp , Array(0,0,1) )

Very handy for perspective views

Forgive my absolute know-nothing state, but I’m new to Rhino. I tried binding that to a key but it didn’t work. How specifically do I enter the command into the keyboard binding UI to get it to work?

These two wiki pages will bring you up to speed on macros in Rhino…

I think it’s all still valid info in Rhino 5 but please let me know if something doesn’t make sense. In short, Shift+Right Click over a button in Rhino to change what happens with left or right click and Ctrl+Left Click allows you to copy an existing button so you don’t mess up something you’ve grown to like.

Lastly, Options (type this command and press enter) Rhino Options>Aliases will show you command macros already assigned to keyboard shortcuts. You might like that better than a new icon.

You can put it on a key, such as a function key or Ctrl + [something], which will execute the command as soon as you hit that key. You can also assign it to an alias, which behaves like a normal command, so if you created the alias “cu”, you would type cu then enter, and it would execute. Lastly you can also assign it to a button if you prefer buttons.

To assign it to a key (like a function key), Rhino Options -> Keyboard. Select the key or key combo you want, and paste -_RunScript ( Rhino.ViewCameraUp , Array(0,0,1) ) in the command macro section for the key you want.

To assign it to an alias, Rhino Options -> Aliases, click New, give it a name and then paste -_RunScript ( Rhino.ViewCameraUp , Array(0,0,1) ) in the command macro section.

To create a button: On the toolbar you want the button to appear, hover over an existing button, hold down control, then left click drag to copy that button. Then hover over the copy of the button, and hold down shift and right click to edit the button. Under the Left mouse button and Right mouse button section, clear out anything that might be there, and in the command section, paste in -_RunScript ( Rhino.ViewCameraUp , Array(0,0,1) ) . You can then edit the button text, image, and tooltip as you see fit.


Gah, I was leaving off the dash at the start. Works awesome, thank you!

SR5 includes a rotation value in the view properties to solve this exact problem.

Can you elaborate on that, please? And is setting that faster than using the macro provided above?

I think this is what Andy means…

I personally think typing Plan is fastest. If you do it often Rhino will also favor Plan and you’ll just need to type Pl. You can also make a single letter alias of course for the command.

@andy thank you, very useful. Can you include this please unter _-ViewportProperties so it can be used in macros ?


Very useful addition.

Thank you,