Dimensions doesnt show up at shapediver

Those dimensions doesnt seen on shapediver.

What can I do?

Dimension components are not yet supported in the online viewer. However, the viewer supports 2D and 3D text tags so you can recreate annotations using them and lines, like in this model for example.

Ok I did it Thanks

Is there any way we can get the source file for this? The way the dimension are there is perfect, so would be nice to have something ready, rather than recreating it from scratch.

Here is the source file for the dimensions. It takes lines as inputs and there is a number of parameters to style the dimensions including text size, offset, mark size. I hope this helps.

ShapeDiver Dimensions.gh (104.5 KB)

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Awesome, thank you. I took out some of the options to get rid of the rather slow C# component, which works great. You can just take the text height and text length to approximate the area covered by the text, so you don’t need that C# component (if you don’t need 3D text anyways). It also means you don’t have to wait for Shapediver to verify the script.

One thing I still dont get how to do is how you can fade them in and out at certain times like they do at Unruh.

Any ideas how to trigger that?

Another question: The text tag size in my Rhino and in Shapediver is different, since its a global value. How do I change the default size of the text tags in the Shaperdiver viewer?

If you don’t need 3D text you can get rid of the C# component to speed up your definition. Keep in mind that a script needs to be approved only once and since this one has been already checked it won’t delay uploads anymore.

The dimensions on Unruh show up when any size slider is changed. There is also a toggle in the viewer to switch them on and off.

When it comes to text size, you can’t change it directly with the current UI but there is this API for 3D Tags which also controls size. There is no way to change the size of 2D tags but I backlogged text size settings as a feature request.