Linear dimensions. Display issues

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Could you please recommend what type of linear dimensions should we utilise in order to display those in Shapediver?
I did a quick test to check what is supported by shapediver and as you can see only two methods are visible only. An in the image below you can see what sharediver reflects. Is there any way to display linear dimensions? Maybe through python script? I would be very thankful for your advise. 6 different (11.8 KB)


At the moment, ShapeDiver supports 2D and 3D text tags (methods 1 and 2), but there is no support for any dimension objects. Since those components don’t exist in Grasshopper, I am assuming your methods 3 to 6 make use of FabTools or another plugin? That you could even display anything using these components in ShapeDiver is… a pure stroke of luck :smile: . We do have plans to support the FabTools dimension components, or if needed to write our own ones for all types of dimensions (not just linear), but it’s not high in the priority list at the moment, especially since there are workarounds using text tags and some native Grasshopper logic (see a good example here: - click on the ruler button).

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I have tried using the Text Tag 3D component as shown in this official ShapeDiver post.

Colour does not seem to work! Here is a screenshot of what happens when I add color to a Text Tag 3D component. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We are trying to create a nice looking dimension viewer, yet are unable to. It seems that the test file associated with your colorful text option is broken as well. Is there an ETA we can expect to have this issue resolved by?

Test_Text.ghx (122.8 KB)

It seems that the color of text tags has been broken in a recent viewer update. We will fix this bug soon, which means that all your definitions will display the correct colors without having to reupload them.

As an alternative, I am attaching a definition with a script that recreates the 3d text tags as meshes. Those are are correctly displayed in the current viewer. In case you would rather not wait for the bug to be fixed, you can use this script to create the tags in your definition. It also gives you a few more options to control how they look (thickness) and you have access to the meshes.

Mesh 3D Text Tags.ghx (385.7 KB)

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Thank you for your response. Looking forwards to seeing this bug being fixed!

Hey, guys.
Are there any news about aligned dimensions?
As I can see in the main page of ShapeDiver and in the work of @Edwin_Hernandez here , there is a way to do it, but still could not find it.
If you have any tips, please share

all the best.

Hi @beshkaryn, you can check the script/cluster that we created to do the dimensions shown in that demo link you refer to here: (99.3 KB)

Hope this helps.

Great, will definitely try it out.