Linear dimensions. Display issues



Hi there,
Thank you for your amazing platform.
Could you please recommend what type of linear dimensions should we utilise in order to display those in Shapediver?
I did a quick test to check what is supported by shapediver and as you can see only two methods are visible only. An in the image below you can see what sharediver reflects. Is there any way to display linear dimensions? Maybe through python script? I would be very thankful for your advise. 6 different (11.8 KB)


(Mathieu Huard) #2

At the moment, ShapeDiver supports 2D and 3D text tags (methods 1 and 2), but there is no support for any dimension objects. Since those components don’t exist in Grasshopper, I am assuming your methods 3 to 6 make use of FabTools or another plugin? That you could even display anything using these components in ShapeDiver is… a pure stroke of luck :smile: . We do have plans to support the FabTools dimension components, or if needed to write our own ones for all types of dimensions (not just linear), but it’s not high in the priority list at the moment, especially since there are workarounds using text tags and some native Grasshopper logic (see a good example here: - click on the ruler button).

Hope that helps!