Dimension size based on pixels instead of units?

Hi, is there a way to create dynamically scaling dimensions whose properties (text height, arrow lengths and thickness etc) are based on pixels instead of units? That would help a lot in situations where the intend is to always have readable numbers of the dimensions no matter of the zoom factor, be it up close or from a far distance. In case that this is not yet implemented, I would be glad if you consider it as a suggestion for a future release. :slight_smile:

I can imagine that zooming out way too much could lead to a disorganized clutter of arrows and numbers, so there may be a setting to limit the maximum size to a certain amount of units. For example, the text could be set to be 24 pixels tall, along with a maximum size limited to 200 units (lets say, in millimeters). This means that moving the camera up-close to the object will always render the dimensions text at the preferred size of 24 pixels, however, moving the camera far from the model (like 50 meters away) will render the dimension text no larger than 200 mm. This is extremely usable with making drawings or screenshots for manufacturing, with the added benefit to always have the text size and arrow size same across all the drawings, and not worrying about manually setting different size for each part depending on the camera zoom.