Who's responsible for dimensions?

As someone who does construction drawings 90% of the time (set design drawings) I love some of the new features that dimensions have in v6 – BUT (!!) am wondering if there’s any hope of seeing a feature that would allow us to program Rhino to automatically reduce the size of a font when it doesn’t fit within 2 hatch marks? The time it takes to do this manually… is r e a l l y time consuming :frowning:

My question is - is this something that would be done by a Rhino developer or is it something that’s an intrinsic part of Windows in which case we would have to wait for Windows to do it??

Anyone else out there wishing this was available?

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Hi Cosmas,
This sounds like a very interesting feature.

Currently, in Rhino 6, Rhino will pop the text to the outside, but allow you to change overrides on the arrow and text location in the Dimension page on the Properties panel.

You can force the text and arrows to various new locations on a group of selected dimensions
See this video.
Does that help?

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training

Hi @mary

Using the Fit Text pull down to move the text inside the hatch marks does help, but only if the texts physically fits between the hatch marks. What I’m hoping for is a default option where the program always puts the text between the hatch marks AND if reduces its size if necessary to fit. Activating that option would be eliminate the need to configure the Fit Text pull-down every time the text doesn’t fit…


Hi Cosmas,
I am happy to write it up as a feature request for Rhino 7.
Since you are hoping … let me me get the details of how you are hoping that it would work.

When the text does not fit between the extension lines, would you want the option in the Annotation style to alter the text width factor based on the distance between the extension lines, force the arrows on the outside, and leave the height constant?

Or would you want both options where you could change the height and width uniformly or fix the height, and just modify the width factor ?

Thanks, Cosmas.
Mary Ann Fugier

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That would be awesome, @mary! I would choose changing the height and width uniformly, personally. Thank you!

Ho cosmas,

Out of curiosity I tried to make a proof of concept script to adjust the text of lineair dimensions to fit inbetween the dimension lines.


and after:

Here is the script as-is:
It asks to select lineair dimensions and changes those who’s text is(appears) larger than dimension value
fit_dimension_texts_POC.py (1.4 KB)


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Hi Willem,
Thank you so much for posting this script.
It works great so far on my test files…
@cosmas can give it a try until Rhino has something more to offer.

I have logged the Enhancement as RH-49287 If you have an account on YouTrack, you should see it and be able to follow the progress.

Mary Ann Fugier

I will definitely try it. Thank you!

Wow, @Willem and @Mary, just tried the python. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been traveling. indeed, it does reduce the size of the font when it doesn’t fit between the hatch marks, but, as far as I can see, it still leaves the text outside the hatch marks making you go to Properties/ Fit Text/ Inside to move it inside the hatch marks. I hate to “look a gift horse in the mouth” but is it possible to have the python do this extra step as well?

That would be awesome. Thank you:)


Hey Willem, It’s months later… and I’m trying to use your python file and don’t seem to be able to make it work. I select a dimension whose number is outside the hatch lines, run an alias that invokes the python, BUT… nothing happens. Any suggestions would be appreciaed.