Dimensions fixed size (no scale dependant)

Hello everyone,

I am doing some technical drawings, relatively simple ones and arranging them in layouts which are not to scale (as I am working on a very preliminary phase of a project and the drawings are indicative).

It would be really useful for me if the dimensions / and the text could be NOT scale dependant in the layout, but appear as they do in the TOP/Front/Persp views.

It is quite annoying as I have to show the same details at different scales (and I am changing / arranging them continuously so I can’t dim them from the layouts). Is there any way to do this or any potential for this option to be implemented in the future?

many thanks in advance

Hi Vincenzo -

It sounds like you need to disable the Document Properties > Annotation Styles > Enable layout space scaling setting. If that’s not it, please post a simple .3dm file.

That was it, thank you a lot!