Dimension line!

Hi all guy , i need some help about Rhino dimension . i need hide that line on my work.

Hello - so far, I do not see a way to do that…


Explode the dimension, then Trim the unwanted part of the line.

Wow, this is bad solution.

Thanks all for support, i hope so Rhino will fix it in next update packer .

Aloha David , On dimension can’t trim that line .

Example with trimmed line. Explode first, then Trim. I don’t know why the arrows changed from filled to unfilled.
Trimmed dimension DC01.3dm (43.3 KB)
Exploding does change the dimension to a set of lines and text.


Aloha David
i know , but my customer not agree this way . i want to like Rhino 5 .

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