Dimension distance between points that are on different Cplanes

We have Linear dimension and Aligned Dimension, but to measure the distance between non co-planar points we draw a line and use Length command, However, this does not give us an annotation.

Is there way to have an annotation of distance without having to do it manually?

Perhaps a script that places a dot between the 2 points, with the length value?

Dimensions are always created in the current Construction Plane.
To get what you want, first set the viewport CPlane to be coplanar to the dimension you want to create.

I was hoping I would not need to set CPlane to perform this task.
To explain a little better was I am looking for:
Other people open my Rhino model and perform QC, to make sure the gaps between objects are within tolerance.
I am trying to find a way a novice user can do this without the use of many commands.

At the moment they use aligned dimension, and I have trouble explaining them that the value they read is no the distance between 2 points in space…

No option in this case.
Rhino Dimensions are always created coplanar to the CPlane.

Good drafting practice says dimensions should never be printed if they can not be measured on the print. An oblique or Perspective view dimension may be handy but you’re running the risk it’s bogus.

I would not recommend using a dimension object as a substitute for the Distance or Length analysis commands for this reason as well as display rounding inaccuracies.

You have a very valid point there John.
Dimension object should not be used in this case, for the reasons you stated.

Now, how about a dirty solution involving a script, Length and Dot?

In earlier versions of Rhino we did not allow dimensions to show in the Perspective view. Over my great protestations, we allowed this “feature” in later versions. It still make the old, pre-CAD “Ink Slinger” in me cringe.

You’re on your own there with scripting.
I don’t do any.
Command macros I can do but scripting, not so much.

Never the less, you have been very helpful, pointing out it would be bad practice to have Dimension objects floating in space.

Thank you John !

Now, where is Mitch? :smile:
I wonder if such a tool would be a good addition to his script collection.

You can still make the line and point a leader on it. Have the text of the leader display the function : length of curve.

I’m not at a 'puter at the moment - hope that makes sense.

Hi Yianni- make your line, and use DimCurveLength on that- any luck?


Yep, that is what I am doing, then copying that value and putting it in a dot, placed at the mid of line.