Dimension association lost exporting to DWG

Hi all,
Is there a way to preserve dimension association when exporting to DWG?
Any dimension placed in 3DM’s model/layout space is dis-associated on exported DWG

Am I doing something wrong, is "unfortunely"working this way or is this planned to be fixed?
I did tested with latest 8beta and default export settings

see attached screenshot and sample files

DimensionAssociation.dwg (28.8 KB)
DimensionAssociation.3dm (52.2 KB)

Hi Luca - as far as I know there is no provision for supporting this History in exporting.

@mary - is this on your radar at all?


Hi @pascal and thank you for your reply.
This is a big deficiency in my workflow.

Customers still ask for 2D delivery in DWG even if they use Rhino for 3D stuff…

Currently I am doing most of the job in Rhino (3D to 2D, layout composition, annotations…) exporting to DWG at the end of it.
The result is pretty good but dis-association of quotes forces me to complete the drawing in DWG.

Please add this feature!