Dim area units

Add ability to change dim area units , please

Hi - if you run the command without any geometry selected, you can change the units to what you want to use.

I see this in Area comman but not in DimArea . Am i missing smthng?

Sorry about that. For actual dimensions, you will have to create a dimension style and set up units for that.

I am sorry , but it just dont work for me. Please could you say which option in dimstyle exactly affects dimarea units?
Actually , I asked this question about year or two ago and we realised that it is impossible. Just curios if it was fixed.

Also sad that i cant add script inside dims value linked to object. I could just divide it or add text or make some expression i need.

Hi - that’s what I get for answering without having a computer at hand… Sorry!

FWIW, in the WIP of Rhino 7, you can perform calculations on the values of text fields.

Nice, thank you!