Dilemma to create a Tridilosa

I created a surface in Rhino and through it I wanted to create a tridilosa for the entire surface, but due to the shape of the surface there are parts where it extrudes well but there are other parts where that does not happen: c
One side extrudes it on the outside and the other on the inside…
Is it possible to extrude the lattice over the entire surface of the mesh equally as an offset and not by axes?

At the moment you move all the centroids by a vector [7;7;0]. I think you want to move the centroids relative to the normals of every subsurface.
not at a pc right now.

Since you didn;t post a file: I quickly created a subdivided surface with offset centroid: something.gh (10.0 KB)

The first part I was able to solve with the commands he recommended to me a while ago was perfect. Thank you very much by the way…
Then I tried all day but only managed to connect the dots for the vertical side but not for the horizontal side.
The union of these was joined by points and also from beginning to end. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or something I’m doing wrong,
but definitely without the union of the other side the form will remain incomplete :c

TRIDILOSA.gh (16.5 KB) TRIDILOSA.3dm (166.2 KB)


I created subsets of the moved centroids based on the u and v count.
These subsets can be used for the polylines in the u and v direction: TRIDILOSA_ME.gh (58.5 KB)


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Can you explain me , what do u mean?
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That make a lot of sense , thanks a lot @John_Brock
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