Difficulties with unshapely surface converting into structure frame

Hi, I’m new to grasshopper mechanics, I’m trying to convert my design into a frame structure model.

The shape that I got from design is very curvy and unshapely. I choose to use “loft” command to create the surface. Then I put it in grasshopper, I follow some youtube tutorial of grasshopper in order to accomplish some certain complex structure. (Easy - Grasshopper Tutorial | SV Structure, Surface | GS05 - YouTube)

The problem is when I bake it out there is one part of the structure, where it the tightest due to the unshapely surface.

I wonder is there a command or way I could create surfaces that when I put it in grasshopper it doesn’t tightly clump into one space.

Moreover, is there a way to limit the length between each structure frame. For example, I don’t want my frame to be far apart more than 1.8 meters.

PS: This is my first forum, if there is any mistake in grammar or anything forgives me.


StructureDesign.3dm (3.8 MB) FrameFIles.gh (19.5 KB)

There are a number of ways to do this. Relying on UV spacing of a surface for spacing is not a reliable way to get a well spaced grid.

I use PanelingTools to specify spacing based on panel size:

I tried to use paneling tools in rhino 6 but the result is not what I want. It doesn’t equally space each other. Therefore, I use the “Pufferfish” plugin, but it looks like I got some issues with loft or ( Cannot loft with one section curve).

This was my attempt with paneling tools.

@Michael_Pryor - can help with Pufferfish.

I can look at the paneling tools issues.

I’m not sure, @Jom didn’t attach the file where Pufferfish isn’t working.

Equal Grid Across Surfaces_re.gh (18.9 KB) StructureDesign.3dm (5.1 MB)

So, how would you want to panel this shape. There are a number of issues with the shape.

But if you were to draw on the shape to section the shape manually, how would the paneling look? An image of that would be helpful.

Just trying a couple things I got here:

Be aware there are mathematical limitations to paneling shapes. I believe this problem may also be limiting what you can do:

The error is pretty self explanatory, you cannot loft with one curve, to make a surface with one curve would be an extrude.

I slightly reshape the structure to make it able to create without over complex structure. At first, I have trouble with surface domain length, but I finally figure out how to use paneling tools that the line or each segment doesn’t exceed 180 cm.

After that, I re-edit the line to create a less complex structure.

Anyway, I very appreciate your help @scottd

Perfect. That seems to be the right direction. There is no question that this process is more of a iterative design process then a simple direct computational process.

Is there a way to do it, but with surface? I’m very new to grasshopper, so I’m sorry if I’m get easily confused.