Rhino 6 limited rendering functionality/Errors!


I recently bought Rhino 6.0 and have encountered a series of major problems relating to rendering.

I used to be able to generate quick and accurate viewport renders in Rhino 5 using the Neon and Brazil plugins but now that functionality has been greatly limited with the inclusion of the live raytracing viewport in rhino 6, which as a consequence, is now posing a serious roadblock to my ability to produce work.

As it stands, the raytraced viewport generates very ‘noisy’ images, which look nothing like the output from the ‘render’ command, or the Rendered visual style. It also displays certain geometry as black surfaces and crashes when I try to ‘capture viewport to file’.

This is a Neon render in R5

This is the raytraced viewport in R6, which crashes when captured

This is the same view using the ‘render’ command

If I use the render command on anything bigger than a viewport, my PC hangs until the render is complete.

Also, I am not able to use light-emitting materials in the same way as I used to, (using the brazil plugin with indirect illumination) which means that I need to place multiple lights in a scene which slows everything down even further.

As a consequence of this, I am unable produce any work at the moment.

Are McNeel aware of these issues? Is a fix coming?



Can you private message me, post or upload (https://www.rhino3d.com/upload) a 3dm please that shows what you’re running into, specifically, the black surfaces and crashing at view capture? Also let me know what your settings are for the view capture.

Can you also run the command SystemInfo and provide the text it reports?

Thanks, I’ll take a look and let you know the fix or make sure any bugs are filed.

did you get the issue fixed, I have the same issues.