Different results between Rhinoscript and Rhino.Geometry Sweep2

In the coarse of generating a surface, I had issues with the SweepTwoRail type in which the cross-section was not following all of the interior points for one of the rails. I added the curves used to the document and attempted the process through the GUI and I got the desired result.
I then tried the Rhinoscriptsyntax.AddSweep2 method using the same rails and curves and got the desired result I wanted, same as the GUI.
This is important to create a water tight seem with an adjacent surface. What could be the difference between these two methods? Is there a parameter that I may be missing? I tend to stick to the base Rhino.Geometry classes, but will work with this for now.
Also, should I be using Rhinoscriptsyntax is general anyway? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Can you post the code for your two different scripts and and the geometry they create?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached an example code and the resulting surfaces into a 3dm file.

rail_tests.py (3.8 KB)

sweep2_example.3dm (143.8 KB)

Hi Michael,

rhinoscriptsyntax.AddSweep2 just uses Rhino.Geometry.Brep.CreateFromSweep, which is somewhat easier to use than constructing a Rhino.Geometry.SweepTwoRail.

Does this help?

It certainty does. Thanks for pointing out this method again. I’ll keep this in mind moving forward. Thank you.