Difference between unrollsrfuv and squish

Hello Rhino people. I am wondering what is the major difference between unrollsrfuv and squish. I am trying to unroll two dimensional curve surface, are these the best commands to use ? ,and is there any equivalent function in grasshopper? Thanks

A surface is developable, if it can be “unrolled” into a 2d shape without any compression or expansion.

All developable surfaces are ruled surfaces and are only curved in one direction.
_unrollSrf and _unrollSrfUV are the commands that should be used for those surfaces.
_unrollSrfUV will keep the parametrisation to stay the same as in 3d. This useful for example if you want to _flowAlongSrf later - with the unrolled Surface as a base.

_squish will expand or compress the surface to bring it to 2d. Imagine an elastic piece of cloth or rubber for example…
_squish can be used for meshes as well.
if your surface is curved in 2 direction - you will need squish.

to access this function in Grasshopper you ll need some extension.
for example

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

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Thanks Tom, it is nice and clear !