Diameter Dimensions in Grasshopper

Hi There,

Does anyone know of a way to get a diameter dimension in grasshopper? Previously I had use Fab Tools component but this no longer is working in Rhino 7. Also, Elefront only has a radius dimension?

Any help is appreciated.

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This will work for now. Thanks alot

Is there a problem with it?


No this is great. I was just curious if there was a way to access the dim diameter command of Rhino from grasshopper. I know in the new WIP they are adding alot of annotation improvements. Thanks alot though

Did you look at the API?

I will add it to the list!

Great, thank you! Elefront is a big part of my workflow. Very much appreciate the work you and your team continue to put in on it’s development. Really looking forward to the next release

Elefront hole dia dimension