Dialogue Box gone FOREVER - Rendering Post Processing Dialogue Box


I’m trying to export a rendered images using channels to photshop. However, I said yes to the dialogue box above after typing my new image file name, and now I cannot get the channels on the render, just the original rendered image.

Process: you render a model, then go to view>channels> any x, y or z option at bottom. Then you save as the image to a file folder. immediately after you should get a warning box tht says ‘save rgbs channels instead of the displayed channel?’. underneath it is a box to say in future, do not show this dialogue box.

I accidentally checked it and said ys, but now I know I shouldn’t have. How do I get this box back? or reseat these settings as I cant find them anywhere online or on rhino.


@brianjturn14 - see if ResetMessageBoxes sorts that out.