DevLoft Issue Rhino 7

I’ve run into an issue with DevLoft in Rhino 7 which seems to work fine in Rhino 6. The two rail curves meet at one end, which is related to the issue (when I separate the ends it runs fine). This functionality is used in our plug-in for creating developable hull shapes. I will attach the Rhino files where you can run DevLoft with the defaults and observe the behavior. Is this something you can address? Thanks for your help.

DevLoft - Rhino 6.3dm (23.4 KB)
DevLoft - Rhino 7.3dm (31.2 KB)

Hi @LarryL,

My fault - I’ve been making fixing issues in the Sweep2 code and ending up breaking this. I’ve logged this as a regression.

– Dale

Thanks @dale , I was just creating a new issue for tjis myself.

Thanks Dale and Bill!

RH-67434 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16