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No mention in the “What’s new” list http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commandlist/newinrhino.htm that the “Developable” option has been dropped from Loft.

Why this option does not exist anymore? It was removed from Rhino? I do not understand…

Because it didn’t work well? It never really made good surfaces as far as I recall… --Mitch

The Developable option in Loft had some problems Loft Developable Bad Result

Hopefully the DevSrf Labs plugin from McNeel will become available for Rhino 6. Until then I’ll need to continue to use Rhino 5 when creating developable surfaces.

Hi, you might want to try D.LOFT, which solves exactly this problem: http://www.evolutetools.com/D.LOFT

So, instead of arranging the problems, they are removed! beautiful strategy!
But a command that functions completely and efficiently, there will never be?
Competition is always better, even MOI, in its small way, is making great progress, and costs very little!

For each version, or the early version problems remain unresolved, and we dedicate ourselves to something else, but in a “light”. Always the same bug, always the same defects. Some fixed point it takes in the development, in my opinion.
One thing worked before in V4, V5 then malfunctioning, then disappears in V6 and V7 returns: Crazy, crazy!

From what little I’ve seen, Rhino 6 does not seem to a new version, but a v5.5, a sort of update resolving a few bugs here and there.

Why aren’t you using it then? --Mitch

Calm down. You have been given the reason an the solution.

small vent, but if one has to take some money wants what is working properly, not intermittently! or not? after nearly five years of continuous development!

I have got D-Loft. I can help you if his is not some massive job. Send me the file.

Thanks, but I speak in general!

Except D.LOFT is extra cost; a floating license for my desktop and laptop is about half the cost of the Rhino license, and probably about the cost of upgrading to Rhino 6. DevSrf has been sufficient for me through Rhino 5.

For example, it was taken the option “Sweep easy” in the command “Sweep2”. Why? no longer needed?

In this case because it’s been integrated automatically into the command. If Rhino can make a “simple” sweep with the given input curves, it does so without asking. --Mitch

Ok. Perfect Mitch! Thanks.
sorry if I ask if I may seem controversial, but I’m trying to understand.
Be patient! Where can I post any bugs and problems found in V6? (I reported a possible bug (match surface) in the post “Rhino 6 Whishes list”).