DevLoft failure

DevLoft fails with some but not all pairs of input curves which intersect at one end. The DevLoft version returns the message “Surface Creation Failed”. The -DevLoft version appears to be working properly with the curves which fail and displays ruling lines, but then does not complete returns the message “Surface Creation Failed”. I have encountered this problem several times in both V6 and wIP V7.

If the curves which do not work are truncated by a small amount so that they do not intersect then DevLoft works as expected.

Attached is a file with two pairs of intersecting curves. DevLoft works as expected with one pair. DevLoft does not work with the other set of intersecting curves, but does work if the curves are truncated by a small amount (0.01 in this example).
DevLoft Fail DC01.3dm (71.0 KB)

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I revised the example so that all curves are single span. I also reduced the length of the truncations to 0.001 which is the same as the absolute tolerance and DevLoft still works with the truncated version of the problem curves.
DevLoft Fail DC02.3dm (72.1 KB) !

Hi David - thanks, I see that… I’ll add it to the heap.
RH-58333 DevLoft fails


RH-58333 is fixed in the latest WIP