Design for 3D printing trees

I am attempting to 3D print trees for architectural modeling.

My current workflow is to place a tree in Rhino 7 with Lands Design, export the tree, and then import it into Rhino 8 and use shrinkwrap to solidify the geometry.

However, because so much support is also printed, eliminating said support results in broken and very sharp tips.

Does anyone have any idea as to how I should set up in Rhino a vegetation model for 3D printing?

What we used to recommend is to change the display model of plants in Lands Design to “conceptual”. You can do that from the edit panel of Lands. Then export the model to STL, and print it without any further process like shrinkwrap.
Look at this:
Does it make sense?

@elham Thank you for replying. I did see that page and it makes sense; I was hoping there might be a way to design to get the branches and leaves printed.

From all of the searching I have done, I am starting to believe that my desire cannot be satiated currently.

However, on another topic, I am very much looking forward to the newest release of Lands Design, whenever that might be!

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