Design cabinets in Rhino

Dear My friend
there is no cabinet design plugin for rhino !
I want you to design a plugin for kitchen and cabinet design
3ds max has it and you can see in bellow link.

this is very useful and necessary for rhino.
I am waiting for your answer.
I am beginner in Rhino but I believe that you can create a good plugin or script with grass hopper.
I hate to import cabin from 3ds Max

I think you’re after cabinets purely for visualisations?

I’m also interested in this; though I am interested to know if there is a plugin for creating cabinets & paramrtrically linked machine files for production…

Here’s a start for doing that in Grasshopper:

It would take quite some time to get something very flexible though, but totally doable and a good way to learn grasshopper.

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Warning, Kitchen Creator is extremely buggy. I couldn’t even get it to run,


Yes I’m agree
Kitchen creator is too old and is not good for cabinet design

Dear Developers
Please make a plugin for cabinet design
A plugin that you can edit cabinets dimensions easily like Chief architect.