Looking for some RhinoPython help on a smallish project

Update: have found someone. Couldn’t find a way to delete the post, so inserting this edit.
Thanks a lot to everyone who has replied.

Looking for someone to write some RhinoPython code for me on a contract basis, creating 2 plastic casings - details upon request.
Ideally developer would be located in London as that would make it easier to communicate requirements, but that is not critical.
Must be willing to assign IP ownership of the created code to me.

Hello! If creating the script in grasshopper is an option it can be done much more easily.



could you please elaborate, why would it be easier? From what I understand Grasshopper is a visual frontend to pretty much the same functionality I can access via code from Python/RhinoCommon, am I mistaken?

Or do you mean it would be easier to find someone to do the job in Grasshopper as that is a more popular environment?


its both. It’s a more popular environment, and huge forum of plugins and components that you can use to make your script. If you need help with this, email me at