Depth Cueing in sections

I’m struggling to find a feature like Revits Depth Cueing
As shown here

Is there a way to do something like this in Rhino 6?

For the project I’m working on, I have a 30m long structure which is more or less Z shaped. And when creating sections using the clipping plane and rendered display mode, It’s nearly impossible to understand since there is no visible difference between the elements 1m away from you and the ones 20m away. Like a fadeout, or more transparancy.


There is _ShowZbuffer command that if you take a screenshot and use in a specific blending mode outside of Rhino, can be used to achieve depth effect in your section. But nothing automated / built in in Rhino that I know of.


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You can run all Rhino commands in ShowZbuffer mode.

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the showZbuffer command will do for the moment. Blending the grayscale model and the normal section with photoshop works just fine.