Depth Buffer on Technical Display

I’ve been running into some depth buffer and z-fighting issues trying to use a technical display on a layout. Technical display looks fine in the normal viewports, but when used on a layout detail, the depth buffer is messed up and the image doesn’t render correctly. Attached is a detail of one such error where you can “see” lines through the mast of the boat, and through a table adjacent to it.

I haven’t quite isolated this issue yet, but I have discovered that the render state is getting messed up by one particular layout detail. This detail has two clipping planes active and all the Technical display mode viewports later in the render order have their depth buffer messed up. If I remove one of clipping planes on this detail, or change it to a different display mode, then everything is good, and all the remaining details render correctly.

Turning off “Show Intersections” on the Technical display mode options clears up all the rendering artifacts. Which includes the depth buffer precision, non-existing instanced blocks being rendered at the origin, and though I haven’t confirmed this last one, the extraneous clipping planes. It now displays and prints to PDF correctly, albeit without intersections.

The clipping planes went away when I changed graphics cards, but since all these issues appear to be render state related, the clipping planes were most likely part of the same problem.