Deploying custom toolbars--


Does anyone have any recommendations for best practices when trying to distribute a custom toolbar throughout an office? We have 4-6 users and we have several scripts we’d like everyone to have access to compiled in one toolbar that is the same for very user.


Hi John - I’d make a new RUI (toolbar) file -

this will make a new RUI file that can be put on a network or handed out. Add buttons as needed with the scripts or aliases that run the scripts, and save.


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… and check in an “original” rui file into github so you can keep track of the latest version. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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Thank you !

This is how I do it. I keep all of the latest flles (toolbars, plug-ins, etc.) in a spot on the server. Then each user has a shortcut to a script on their desktop, as well as that same script running when they log-in. All the script does is use Robocopy to copy the files from my server location to their hard drives (placing the files where they need to be). We’ve been doing this for at least 15 years, maybe more.

FYI… we have 140 users in our main office. What I described above keeps us all on the same page.

Hope this helps,


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