Rhino Template for multiple licenses

I work for a design department within a school and we are just setting up Rhino on our computers.

There are certain functions that the kids use more than others so I have created a unique template that includes those functions in the main tool bar. I would like to have this on all the other computers running Rhino in our department.

Is there a way I can save a file and apply these settings to all the other licenses/computers so that they have the same setup? Or perhaps do it remotely?

Using Rhino LAN zoo - 30 license pack.

Hi Iain -

That is generally a bad idea.
When you modify the factory-default toolbar, a ToolbarReset will delete any customization.
When you need to customize a toolbar, please create a new toolbar and add the buttons that you need to that one. You can then distribute the *.rui file to the other computers in the lab.

Thanks Wim,

Late reply. Only getting around to this now. Where does Rhino save a .rui files? Is this automatically generated when I create a customised toolbar? Running on Mac.

Thanks again

Hello- - either before or after making your changes to the default workspace, open Options > Toolbars page and from the File emnu in there SaveAs the default rui file to some other name, say on a nework location. Then in the other Rhinos, open the same page and close the detault RUI file and then from the File menu on that Options page, open the one you created earlier, from where ever you saved it.

Ah… I just noticed this is a question about macs… all of the above is moot.