Copy Toolbars but not positions to another computer

I’m wondering if there is a specific file I can copy to bring custom toolbars and custom buttons over to another Windows PC without changing the tool bar positions on the destination PC.

I know if I copy everything from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0 that I end up getting the custom buttons, but it messes up all my positions on the other PC which has a different screen layout.

I tried copying
but I did not get the customized buttons

I’m using Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit and Rhino V7.0 on both systems.


Hi James if you have customized buttons in one default.rui (not recommended, better to save a copy of that file under a different name) it should indeed bring those to the second computer if you overwrite the default on that machine and start Rhino using the copied one.


I didn’t know I could save it with another name. Can this be done inside Rhino, or do I just copy default.rui to something with another name?

For Some reason it didn’t seem to work just copying default.rui the modifications I made do not show up on the second computer but they are still there on the first one. I did have Rhino closed on the second one, but maybe I forgot to close it on the first one, they are not in the same building.

Hi James - SaveAs from here:


@pascal Thank You I will try it that way.

I’m curious… could I just save the file on a network drive and open the same file in the same location on the other computer… so both computers would be using the same file and therefore always be in sync with each other?

I could make changes on either computer and the other would get them without me doing anything.


Hi James - that should work I think but keep in mind that the last Rhino to close wins as far as writing out the RUI file on close goes.


That’s great! I will keep it in mind. Normally I am in one location or the other, and don’t normally leave it open.
It seems to be working, thank you