Deleting Plants

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on this really wonderful project you have going on here!

Is there a specific or particular way that the plants can be deleted?

I am unable to select the plants with the selection tool, and can only select them through the ‘Edit Panel’. Once selected through the Edit panel I do not see a delete option and when I hit ‘Delete’ on the keyboard the command does not work.

I am using: Version 5 SR14 64-bit

Hi @Andres_Pineda thanks for your kind words.
You should be able to delete plants by selecting them in the model and typing Delete, or hitting Delete key. Does that work? Are these plants inside a locked layer?
If it doesn’t work, please send us that model to and we will check it out.

Hi Andres, the reason why those objects can’t be selected is they are inside an invisible layer called “By Parent” that is locked. You can unlock it from the command line:

  1. Type “-Layer”
  2. Select “Unlock” layer option
  3. Type “By Parent” (quotation marks included)
  4. Hit ESC to exit the command.

The plants should be selectable now.

(I’ll asnwer that at Discourse just in case other peple have a similar problem)

Kind regards,